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BR 48257- Pullout / Retractable Pirate Telescope 17.875", Brass Inlaid Wood Box
Measurements: 17.875" extended 6.75"(retracted)Magnification: 8X In Wood Box ..
BR48255 - Pullout Telescope 15.125" w/ Wooden Box
Measurements: 15.125"L, 5.625"L Retrcted 3X objective lens: In Wood Box ..
BR48256 - Brass Pullout Telescope 6.125" w/ Wood Box & Wrap
Measurements: 6.125"L retracted 3.125" ..
BR48256B - Solid Brass Pirate Telescope - Retractable with wooden box
Measurements: 4.125"L In Wood Box ..
BR48256C - Brass Pullout 6.25" Telescope w/ Wood Box
Measurements: 6.25" extended length, 3" retracted length 1.25" diameter,Box: 4"&nbs..
BR48256H - Brass Pullout Telescope Faux Leather Wrapped w/ Lens Cap And Engraved Wooden Box
Measurements: 6.5"x1.25" ..
BR48256L - Pull-Out Telescope 6 with Leather Pouch
Measurements: 6" ..
BR48258B - Extendable Brass Pirate Telescope 9.125", Polished
Measurements: 9.125"L  3.875  Retracted In Wood Box ..
BR48259B - Brass Pullout Pirate Telescope w/ Wooden Box
Measurements: 6.125"L exstended x 2.875 retracted In Wood Box ..
BR48259C - Captain's Telecope 6"
Measurements: 6.125"L  3" retracted In Wood Box ..
BR4825D - (BR 48259C) (BR 48256L) Double Pack Telecope 6"
Measurements: 6.125"L  3" retracted In Wood Box ..
BR48502 - Pullout Telescope 18" With Box
Measurements: 18"L  7" Retracted In Wood Box ..
BR48502A - Antique Brass Pullout Telescope, Wood Box
Measurements: retracted: 178mm extended: 430mm magnification: 16X objective lens: 33mm eyepiece: 12m..
BR4852 - Telescope, Retractable w/ Faux Leather Case
Measurements: retracted: 147mm extended: 376mm magnification: 12X objective lens: 20mm ..
BR48520 - Pullout Telescope 23.75"
Measurements: 23.75"L retracted 7.75" In Wood Box ..
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